How to build an outdoor fireplace, step by step

Now that the cold seasons begin many of us start dreaming of chimneys, which serve to warm up, to create atmosphere, to cook … there is no doubt that both inside and outside the houses, chimneys are an important part of the homes that can afford them. There are chimneys that are bought ready-made and installed, but we can also make them by ourselves, especially outdoor ones.

An outdoor fireplace is ideal to enjoy more of the patio or the garden during the fall and winter, as it provides the necessary warmth to make the fresh atmosphere more pleasant. The construction of a chimney not as complicated as it may seem at first glance, is simple and can be done by following some basic rules, we will see how to build a simple fireplace in a few steps .

  1. The first thing is to choose the place where we want to place the fireplace, it must be away from things that can burn, cables and pipes, in the fireplace we are going to make fire, we must be very aware of this and always avoid the risk of fire.
  2. Once the place has been chosen, we clean it and mark the area, we can paint with chalk, for example, what the chimney will occupy, and then excavate a bit in that area and thus be able to place a solid base.
  3. Once the excavation in the ground, which does not have to be too deep, we must build the base , which can be made with cement or other resistant material, taking care that it is smooth and even in level.
  4. The following is the construction of the walls , we will make them with bricks, each brick should be placed next to another without leaving space between them, using high temperature resistant cement to join them together, we are placing rows of bricks, on them cement and more bricks and with the same cement we cover the holes that may remain.
  5. There are different ways for chimneys, if we want something simple we go directly to step 7, if we want the most conventional way, we should pay special attention to the front of the chimney. When building the walls in the front , we must leave an open space about two feet wide or so, depending on the size of the fireplace, that area must be covered with material of great resistance to fire, there are special bricks for that.
  6. Something fundamental in the traditional chimneys is also the exit of fumes, to solve it a pipe is inserted in the opening of the chimney in the superior part, when placing the bricks of the walls, we narrow the cabin, until we reach the upper part, the narrowest part in which we will fix the tube with cement, once the tube is fixed, we continue placing the bricks around it.
  7. Now, if we look for something simpler, we can forget the two previous steps to do something like what we see in the image of this article, a chimney of the simplest , its advantage is that it is easier to build and same time is just as functional as the others, but the smoke outlet is not as controlled, that is its drawback, here there is no front hole or tube to place, only walls with space in the center to place the wood and light the fire , on top of it you can place a grill if you want to cook over coals ..
  8. Once the structure is finished, in any of the cases, it is only necessary to decorate the exterior of the chimney to the taste, that is already a matter of the imagination of each one, for example, we can place some stone around, finally there is to take the wood, light the fire and check if the smoke outlet works properly.
  9. Finally, those who are not very handy, do not despair, if this seems too complicated or you are not for the work … I remind you that you can also buy the fireplace already made and simply limit to install it.