How to Build an External Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be an impressive addition to your home, giving the back gardens a decorative and functional central point. However, outdoor fireplaces demand thorough evaluation even before construction, especially if you plan to make one from scratch. If you want to build an outdoor fireplace that will last a lifetime, follow these steps.

Consider the purpose of the outdoor fireplace. The reasons for building an outdoor fireplace vary, but it is necessary to consider some elements to successfully complete the project no matter what.

Environment: Fireplaces can create the atmosphere. A comfortable open fireplace provides an intimate setting for small groups. If you have big parties, consider building a fireplace with two open ends to accommodate more people. A fire pit provides views of all the observation points and the feeling of being in a campfire.

Functionality: You can build a fireplace that also serves as a barbecue or pizza oven, but these designs are very complex.

Consider the design of the stove. Many owners coordinate the stone from the fireplace with the residence stone, but it is not mandatory. The brick offers a more traditional fa├žade, while the stacked stone gives the fireplace a more contemporary look. [1] If you do not want an outside stone, stucco is a popular alternative.