How to build a fireplace in the patio of the house

Thinking about a chimney when looking for a solution to counteract the cold during the winter season is an excellent option, since these in addition to maintaining the air conditioning inside the home perfectly, also comes to offer a striking style as this fills of beauty, elegance and originality to the space where it is installed, rapidly increasing its purchasing and aesthetic value.

Anyone can have a fireplace because they can even be made by the same people, mainly those directed to the patio or the garden, because they offer a much more pleasant fresh environment. To build one of these structures does not require much work or materials, the only thing that is required is to follow each of the steps that will allow creating a simple and at the same time beautiful outdoor fireplace.

The first step is the space where the chimney will be located, avoiding being near pipes, cables and things that may burn. After having the perfect space you should draw with a chalk the dimensions that the fireplace will occupy to take it as a reference when carrying out the excavations.

Subsequently the base must be built, for this you can make use of cement or a super resistant material, taking into account that it must be level and completely smooth. Then you must build the walls for it must use bricks, where each must be placed next to each other, the cement to be used must be very resistant, and must be at high temperature so that it can join each. The placement of the bricks should be in rows, where between one row and another should be placed cement and at the same time should be covering the gaps that may remain.

It should be made four walls that carry a space in the center, to decorate this structure you can use your imagination and interact with different materials such as decoration with stones that is spectacular.