Fundamentals for the construction of a fireplace

A fireplace is a nice addition for any home. It is an attractive center for a main hall and can add value to the house. The construction of a fireplace in the home is a great DIY project, and knowing the basics for its construction can save you time and money.


Find an ideal location for the fireplace in your house. If you are using generic plans for the construction of the fireplace make sure it will fit in the location you have chosen. Mark the place of the fireplace on the wall. You will have three main components: the home, the combustion chamber and the hood. The home protects the floor from the heat of the fire, the combustion chamber will surround the fire and the hood is a decorative piece that is built around the chimney.

Size of the fireplace

When taking initial measurements, it is essential that the depth of the chimney from front to back be two thirds of the height of the chimney. Therefore, a chimney that is 60 inches (152.4 cm) high must be 40 inches (101.6 cm) deep. This is to ensure that the smoke from the fire can be expelled through the flue, the pipe that carries the smoke outside the house. Make sure the area where the home will be located is level and check it constantly during construction.


Choose a hood design that complements the design of your home. There are many prefabricated homes that you can buy and you are free to make your own design. There are several styles that include rectangular openings, arched openings, corners (when a chimney is built in a corner and can be accessed from two sides), and a U-shaped opening, where the chimney is exposed on three sides. Choose the right hood for your design.