Choose a fireplace design

Get an easy-armed and efficient chimney kit. The kits for fireplaces are varied, from simple units to ornamented with bells and whistles. The great thing about chimney kits is that they come in a variety of styles that fit your budget. Are you on a tight budget? No problem, there is a kit for you. Do you have a bigger one? The sky is the limit, literally.

Create your own design. Do you consider yourself a builder or are you a bricklayer? Why settle for a kit when you can create a design in your head without having to compromise? Most of your own designs use concrete blocks or other firm and economical material as a skeleton. Then the skeleton is covered with stone or other clad rock. Consider the three main elements of an outdoor fireplace when designing:

Base: A reinforced concrete base is best for a fireplace. Custom fireplaces are usually heavier than prefabricated fireplaces, which means that the base should be stronger and thicker than normal.

Combustion box: the combustion box will house the fire and must be made of refractory brick if you make it yourself. On the other hand, you can buy a combustion box if you do not want to make it yourself. Materials include stainless steel and other types of brick.

Exhaust or ventilation ducts: A wood-burning fireplace needs an escape with a spark arrester, whereas a gas fireplace only requires ventilation ducts

Consider adding additional functions to the fireplace area. The fireplace does not have to be a stove. In fact, if you build an outdoor chimney, it makes sense to equip it with other uses or ornaments. Consider the following:

Built-in seats: Warming yourself to the heat of the stove is a delight, so why do not you build walls to sit in the fireplace itself? It looks excellent and gives charm to any fireplace.

Wood storage: If you construct a fireplace with wood, it is convenient to make a compartment or space for the wood, that makes it easier to store it.