Repair your windshield splinters and cracks

It is always advisable to repair the damage of your windshield. Indeed, they could worsen and result in a complete replacement. Anatomy of a repair.

You drive quietly on the highway. A rock suddenly cracks your windshield. She carried off a burst of glass as big as a pea. This incident is boring, but your visibility is not compromised. So, you give up, you’ll see that later…

Alas, if you do nothing, this little glow can become big! An innocuous repair of less than $100 can turn into a major damage, which will require the replacement of the windshield and cost you hundreds of dollars. Intervene without delay: you can not only save money, but you will keep the original windshield with the seal of the factory.

The size of the impact

The boundary between the repair of the windshield and its replacement is blurred. For some automotive glazing professionals, if a $5 bill is enough to cover a breakage and a credit card covers a chip, repair is feasible. For others, a shine must not exceed a coin of 25 cents.

Breakage in length often requires the replacement of the windshield. But some workshops specialize in repairing more extensive damage. Go to a workshop or garage to get several reviews.

What will the technician do?

After cleaning the area surrounding the breakage and removing the shards of glass, the auto glazing technician pierces a hole in the glass to facilitate the flow of resin between the two glass sheets that make up the windshield. He attaches an injection tool to the glass. The resin will seal the breakage or glare, to prevent water and other debris from seeping through the glass sheets and attacking its qualities.

After the injection, the technician lets the resin dry to the heart. He polishes it to make the glass transparent and solid.

How long does it take?

As long as the repair shop has a place for your car, you should be done after one hour, sometimes even 30 minutes.

What are the results?

The repair will erase the breakage or glare, but we will still see a defect. In the majority of cases, this is not a consequence. But if the fault is right in your field of vision, it can bother you enough to push you to replace the entire windshield.

Can I do it myself?

Yes. There are various windshield repair kits available at auto hardware stores and accessories stores. These kits contain everything needed to repair minor damage, including resin and injector.

Repair the windshield by yourself

Some people take their vehicle with professionals to repair cracks and chips in the windshield, but in fact it is a task that most people can carry out on their own. Windshield repair kits include all the materials you need to make cracks in your car’s windshield virtually disappear. It only takes one hour to do it, and the kit can be obtained at auto parts stores for less than US $20.

Professional windshield repair kits

Although it is tempting to try some simple solutions for repairing cracks in automotive windshields that use supplies that you have on hand – such as extra strong glue and clear nail polish – take into account that remedies such as extra strong glue and Nail varnish can prevent the fissure from spreading through the windshield, but will not cover it. The windshield repair kits are designed to cover the crack completely and when done properly, the fissure will completely disappear. There are several windshield repair kits on the market. In addition to auto parts stores, windshield repair kits can be purchased online at stores like Amazon.

The method

Remove the loose glass from the splinter or the crack. The loose glass can be extracted using the corner of a razor blade. Do not exert too much pressure, or you will cause the fissure to spread. Once the glass is removed, pass the razor blade over the glass around the crack to remove dust and debris in the area, then wash the windshield with soap and water, and continue with the application of denatured alcohol. This will remove debris from the windshield and prevent pieces of glass from falling into the crack while applying adhesive. When the window is clean, allow the area to dry completely before starting to use the windshield repair kit.

While the instructions for use vary from kit to kit, the basic process for windshield repair using a kit is to apply adhesive directly onto the crack using the included adhesive syringe. Once the adhesive is applied, leave the tip of the syringe on the adhesive, then push and pull the plunger several times. This will eliminate the air pockets in the adhesive and will cause it to sink in all cracks. Make sure all the bubbles have disappeared from the adhesive.

Once it dries, the adhesive will leave a film on the crack, and it will be almost impossible to notice if there was a crack on the windshield. If a lump remains behind the area in which the syringe was inserted, it will be almost imperceptible. Although if you prefer to remove it, wait until the adhesive has dried for a few hours and then pass a sheet shaving gently on the protuberance to match it with the rest of the glass.

Removal of glass water stains

Water stains on the glass are often the result of hard water, which contains minerals and sediments that leave a hard limestone stain on the glass. This will be most noticeable on glass shower doors, hand-washed glasses, even the exterior windows of your house, if you use the pressure hose wash them.

Preparation for water staining

If you are cleaning shower doors, drinking glasses or some other relatively small area of ​​glass, pour or distilled water on the spots to wet down the sponge. Rub an old towel over the point to loosen mineral deposits, if possible.

Try natural cleaners

Make a wash of vinegar paste and baking soda, apply to the stain and leave for a few minutes and then scrub the bubble with a sponge. You can drink glasses of hot white vinegar until the spots dissolve, then wash and dry.

Persistent glass stains can be removed with ammonia if vinegar does not do the job.

Wipe exterior windows by rubbing a dry newspaper over the stain, then wet the newspaper and rub again. Rinse with distilled water and air dry.

Carry out the great weapons

Use glass magic, lime or CLR persistent water spots. All are commercially available products that are sold in grocery store, hardware and home improvement stores. Non-toxic products are designed to dissolve mineral deposits to make it easier to remove stains, but it’s worth trying simple solutions like vinegar first to save money.