Rapid windshield repair

It is important to have good visibility to make a relaxed and correct driving.

Problems such as wear of the glass, impacts and chipping prevent proper perception. Some of these damages are solved by repairing the surface of the auto glass with the use of new technologies.

The cars come out of the terminals with laminated windshields, formed by two layers of glass that inside hold a plastic sheet. In case of impact, it absorbs the energy, so it is called safety.

However, if the glass receives a blow, a mark or crack can occur. There the windscreen begins to get damaged much more and it breaks if it is exposed to a sudden change of temperature or it is subjected to a strong vibration.

The area of ​​the windshield most sensitive to a crack is that which is close to the edges (a 10 cm band around them), since a small splinter can become a crack; Is cut first towards the edge and then towards the center, by the movement that transmits the body.

Among the most frequent damages there are two large groups depending on the shape they adopt on the surface of the glass: ox-eye, circular shapes, and star, because they form ramifications.

How it repairs

There are several ways to do the windshield arrangement. One is done with computerized machines that determine the type of blow, as well as remove any traces of ground glass and soil that has been interned in the outer layer of the windshield. It then injects in the hole left by the blow a resin that has the same optical and resistance characteristics as glass.

This product is forged with ultraviolet light and recovers between 80 and 95% glass aesthetics. Due to the pressure exerted by the machine, the liquid reaches the last corners and, at the end of the area, is covered with a sheet that dries and solidifies to give the glass an original spare appearance.

Another process is the manual, which from the point of impact perforates the first layer of glass with a lathe without touching the plastic, subsequently extracted the air contained with a tool that makes vacuum on the break and injected the resin.

When there are long cracks use a tool that presses from inside the glass and opens a cut on the surface. With an applicator, the crack is filled; by capillarity, the column of viscous liquid is displacing the air. No additional perforations are made to fill the cut, preserving the aesthetics.

It is advisable that the repair be performed immediately after the blow is suffered, as the breakage grows over time and there are deposited particles of soil, dust and soot, which are more expensive to remove.

If the service is required, some companies do it at home in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. The value of the repair depends on the damage; In the impacts can cost between 30 and 60 pesos, and in the case of cracks oscillates between $120 and $150.

The glass that supports repair is the laminate. However, keep in mind that if the damage is greater than 50 cm or you are in an area that makes the visual difficult to replace it.

Intensive therapy: immediate care to ensure work

Immediately after the arrangement, take into account:

  • Do not use the air conditioner or the heating for the next 24 hours, as there may be temperature differences with the exterior and the glass cracking.
  • Leave the windows somewhat open to allow air to enter the outside.
  • Wash the windshield after 24 hours.
  • Try not to run on rough terrain or stones.
  • If possible, leave the car outdoors to accelerate drying of the resin.